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FIFA 18 Career Mode: Things You Should Know

6 декабря 2017, 10:13

EA Sports Have Focused Heavily On Career Mode This Year, Introducing A Host Of New Features To Make The Game More Addictive Than Ever.


This Is A Big One. cheapest coins fifa 18В FIFA's Transfer System Has Long Consisted Of Searching Or Scouting For A Player, Clicking On Their Name, And Deciding Whether To Make A Transfer Bid Or A Loan Offer. Well, No More!

Now, With Interactive Transfer Negotiations, Managers Will Be Able To Sit Down With Their Opposite Number And Table An Offer Face-To-Face. If Successful, You'll Be Able To Negotiate With The Player And His Agent As You Look To Strike A Deal On Personal Terms.

It Looks Incredibly Good, And Feels Responsive And Fluid, But If You're A Delegator Then You Can Tell Your Assistant To Do The Negotiations - Though Be Prepared To Pay A Little Bit More If He Isn't As Good As You Are!


A Cosmetic Addition, But A Remarkably Cool One, FIFA Now Allows Players To See Their Latest Signings Unveiled. Signed Cristiano Ronaldo From Real Madrid? You'll See Him Holding Your Team's Shirt At A Press Conference, Plus Their New Line-Up Shot.

Furthermore, EA Have Added Dynamic Player Of The Month Clips So Your Best Players Will Hold The League's Awards Aloft, As Well As Clips To Accompany The Winning Of A Division.


Fancy Yourself As A Tactician? Head Into Team Management Before A Game And Set Up Three Quick Subs.

Think You'll Need A New Striker On 70 Minutes? Assign A Quick Sub.what is the best and safest site to buy fut coins In Need Of Fresh Legs On The Wing In Case The Scores Are Tied? Assign A Quick Sub. You'll Then Be Able To Bring Players Into The Game At A Break In Play Without Having To Pause The Game.

It Works Brilliantly Both Offline And Online, But It Adds An Extra Tactical Dimension To Single Player.


FIFA's Career Modes Have Often Felt A Bit Of A Drag. Get Through 10 Games, And Then Each Match Begins To Feel The Same.

EA Sports Have Tried To Do Something About That This Year, Though, By Introducing Team Styles. Playing Against Barcelona, Who Love Their Tiki-Taka Game, And Liverpool, Who Love To Press, Will Feel Completely Different To Each Other, And That's A Major Step Forward.

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